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Category: Mosques

Chang Phueak Mosque (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

The Chang Phueak mosque is located north of the old city walls, at the south end of Changhuak Road. It appeared to me that the Muslims living around the mosque are of a mix of Thai and South Asian parentage. At the time of my visit, the main mosque was under redevelopment. But I managed to pray the Zuhr congregational prayers with the locals in their surau.

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Attaqwa Mosque (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Finding Attaqwa Mosque wasn’t a straightforward endeavour at all. I had asked a total of 3 separate persons for its exact location and they all pointed at different spots on a map. The issue with that was I found it literally impossible to key in my exact destination on Google maps. As a result, I could not have specific turn-by-turn directions to the mosque. I had to figure out (manually) which roads to walk on, which turns to take, in order to get to Attaqwa mosque. Inevitably, along the way, I frequently got lost and almost gave up searching for it.

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Hedaytul Islam (Ban Ho) Mosque (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Hedaytul Islam (Ban Ho) Mosque is located along Charoen Prathet 1 Alley which is also commonly known as the Halal Town Hilal Street. Ban Ho Mosque is probably the most famous (and well-funded) mosque in Chiang Mai. You will chance upon this mosque if you plan to dine in one of the many halal restaurants along the same street. When I visited this mosque, I had a chance to speak to its imam at length after I unintentionally intruded his office.

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Chang Klan Mosque (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Chang Klan Mosque is not far from Hedaytul Islam (Ban Ho) Mosque. Essentially, it’s about 2km south of Ban Ho Mosque. When I arrived at the mosque, it was in the middle of the morning and the mosque was relatively empty. As I walked around the area, I saw a lot of halal restaurants along the section of Charoenprathet Road which runs adjacent to the mosque. And it was a welcome surprise that I chanced upon the The Halal Science Center Chulalongkorn University.

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I will write this blog post in detail soon. For now, allow these photos to say a thousand words first.