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Category: Halal Food

Lunch @ Diwan Restaurant, Al Meroz Hotel Bangkok (Bangkok, Thailand)

The Diwan Restaurant is inside Al Meroz Hotel. The existence of a halal restaurant in a hotel is very convenient for anyone who is a Muslim. So, luckily, I didn’t have to spend hours finding a halal restaurant near Al Meroz hotel. And all the food that was served tasted delicious. Every entree I sampled, I kept on thinking who were the ingenious chefs behind all these dishes. Weirdly, that was the only thought that was preoccupying my mind as I eat because the food was that good. I almost wanted to go into the kitchen and thank everyone.

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Lunch @ Le Spice Restaurant (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

This is one of the many halal restaurants located along Charnoen Prathet 6 Alley, north section of Chang Klan road. It seemed that this place doesn’t want to be just an ordinary food place by the street. It wanted to be more than that. The service was professional and polite. The restaurant was thoughtfully designed. The food was flavourful, served quickly and most importantly affordable.

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Lunch @ Kabab Bar (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

This was my last meal in Chiang Mai. I was walking around the empty Anusarn Market and found a row of halal stalls in it. I chose Kabab Bar because there was Ayub, a super friendly dude, who welcomed me in. He is a Bangladeshi from Myanmar. Food was amazing and I loved being the only person dining in the restaurant because Ayub gave me his undivided attention.

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Thai Airways Royal Orchid Lounge @ Chiang Mai International Airport International Terminal (CNX)

Before my SilkAir MI705 flight, I had a chance to visit this lounge which is operated by Thai Airways. Unfortunately, the lounge is as basic as it can get.

Odd but true, I found bottled and packet drinks, jams and chilli sauce in the lounge that are halal-certified. Odd but also true, I had an unfortunate squabble with an eastern european old man who probably had too much to drink.

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SilkAir MI705 CNX-SIN (Business Class)

This MI705 flight cabin crew were as wonderful as the ones I encountered in the MI702 flight. After my second experience with SilkAir’s cabin crew, I must say that (at least the ones I have encountered) SilkAir’s cabin crew are especially more spritely, warm, and unaffected than the cabin crews of other airlines. The food though (at least on this flight), I must say, wasn’t palatable at all.

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I will write this blog post in detail soon. For now, allow these photos to say a thousand words first.