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Category: Bangkok

Introduction: 4D3N Bangkok Trip

This Bangkok trip was conceived hastily and haphazardly only two days before I depart for Bangkok. I am not a fan of last minute travel, but I must admit that it felt spontaneously adventurous. No plans were made before the trip and possibly, everything could go wrong.

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Al Meroz Hotel Bangkok (Bangkok, Thailand)

Al Meroz Hotel, the ‘leading halal hotel’ of Bangkok was the main reason why I decided to go to Bangkok. Their marketing slogan was interesting enough to make me fly to Bangkok and stay at the hotel. To be honest, before I arrived, I had low expectations of the hotel, but their clean, well-lit and posh rooms blew me away. I also didn’t expect the hotel to have top-notch facilities too. And don’t get me started on how amazing the food in one of its restaurants was. The buffet lunch was one of the best I have had for a long time.

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Lunch @ Diwan Restaurant, Al Meroz Hotel Bangkok (Bangkok, Thailand)

The Diwan Restaurant is inside Al Meroz Hotel. The existence of a halal restaurant in a hotel is very convenient for anyone who is a Muslim. So, luckily, I didn’t have to spend hours finding a halal restaurant near Al Meroz hotel. And all the food that was served tasted delicious. Every entree I sampled, I kept on thinking who were the ingenious chefs behind all these dishes. Weirdly, that was the only thought that was preoccupying my mind as I eat because the food was that good. I almost wanted to go into the kitchen and thank everyone.

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I will write this blog post in detail soon. For now, allow these photos to say a thousand words first.