Macau and Zhuhai / 1st - 2nd December 2016

Introduction: 2D1N Macau and Zhuhai Trip (Part of Guangdong trip)

Dec 1, 2016 | China, Introductions, Macau

I was in Macau in 2012, and sadly, I don’t have many good memories of the place. Why?

Firstly, when we arrived at the Ferry Terminal, we were accosted by a tour guide who said he would drive us around Macau and be our tour guide. He functioned more as a driver than a tour guide. He simply drove us around without giving us much commentary about Macau. Most times, we had no clue about where we were in Macau. And…unfortunately, his tour guide fees were (very) exorbitant.

Secondly, we couldn’t find any halal food places in Macau despite having a tour guide. We had to rely on food packed from Hong Kong. All we had to eat the whole day was cold, soggy kebab.

And thirdly, the whole time we were there, it rained. Because of that, since that day, I always remember Macau as a gloomy, dank and dark place.

Now, four years later, I decide to explore this place again. This time I will not be relying on any tour guides. I want to discover Islamic presence in Macau on my own.

As far as my research goes, in Macau, there is a mosque which also houses a Muslim cemetery.

There are also a few halal restaurants there. One place which I am so looking forward to dining in is the Golden Peacock Macau which serves Halal Indian food. This restaurant is a Michelin 1-star restaurant.

I will be staying at Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel, Cotai Central and I will be arriving from Hong Kong International Airport on a Turbo Jet Ferry.

And…I am not planning to have any Macau money (i.e. Macanese pataca MOP) with me throughout my stay in Macau. I am not sure how I will survive though.

PS: Oh! To make this trip even more ambitious, I also planned a day trip to Zhuhai from Macau. 🙂