Chiang Mai / 29th - 31st October 2016

Chiang Mai Halal Food by Fooanant (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Oct 30, 2016 | Chiang Mai, Eat, Halal Food in Chiang Mai, Halal Food in Thailand, Thailand

Quick summary:

Chiang Mai Halal Food by Fooanant is a shop that sells halal foodstuff that are made locally in Thailand. It is near Attaqwa Mosque. I bumped into this shop on my way back to my hotel from the mosque. 

I didn’t expect to bump into a shop that sells halal foodstuffs on my way back to the hotel from Attaqwa Mosque. This shop caught my attention because it was the only brightly-lit shop along the row of shophouses near Attaqwa mosque. 

Initially, I didn’t bother too much of its existence, but as I approached the shop and saw a halal sign, I became excited and curious. I went into the shop and there it was, a massive collection of halal foodstuffs. 

And the interesting thing is that all the foodstuffs were not imported from Malaysia or other Muslim-majority countries. They were all made in Thailand. It became quite evident to me that the halal food industry in Thailand is robust and thriving. And it’s a shame that I was not aware about it then.

The only brightly-lit shop in the darkness.

Halal sign and shop banner.

Instant noodles.

Goat milk powder.


UHT milk.

Tom Yum paste.

Chilli sauce.

Instant spaghetti.

Instant Korat Style noodles.

Instant noodles close-up.

Goat’s Milk.

Refrigerated processed food.

More refrigerated processed food.

Even more refrigerated processed food.

Pastes and sauces.

Nam Ya paste.

Bev dates drink. Tried this immediately after paying. Never had a carbonated date flavor beverage before.

I was the only shopper in the shop at that time and I was on a mad shopping spree. My excitement was so palpably terrifying to the owner that she left me alone in my mania. I was taking a lot photos of the foodstuffs and the shop and she was probably wondering why. I was grabbing mindlessly tom yum pastes of all kind without a basket and she was probably wondering why I didn’t use the basket.

The shop owner calculating the amount I needed to pay for my shopping spree.

 I bought quite a lot of foodstuffs. I justified my purchases with “But I couldn’t get all these anywhere else” and “But I could give some of these away to my family and friends.” Yeah right.

Soon after I paid for the foodstuffs, it was time to make my way to the hotel. But the lanes I had to walk through were ghostly.

Yikes. Dark and empty. Always felt something was following me.

I used the camera flash to capture what was following me. Couldn’t see anything. Could you?

But I was very sure someone was watching me. 

Almost reached the main roads. But still 14 minutes away from the hotel. Ugh.

Finally, after 5 minutes of walking in fright, I found bright lights and human beings.

Haha Haha!

What I bought and was wondering how was I going to bring all these back home. I had only a 20 liters bag with me.

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