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Breakfast @ Cafe de Nimes, Grand Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok (Bangkok, Thailand)

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Quick summary:

The breakfast buffet at Grand Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok is a typical hotel buffet breakfast, the kind that you can find at any other hotels around the world…except that the food on offer are mostly halal. One thing that bothered me though..there were pork sausages as part of the buffet.

Grand Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok was only a 10 minutes walk from Four Points by Sheraton Bangkok. It wasn’t that arduous a journey to make because on an early Sunday morning, post Saturday night sex-crazed Sukhumvit, the sidewalk was literally empty. I only saw a few old ladies hawking their wares, and typical early riser tourists turning their heads around wondering where they should go next. Yes Mr and Mrs Tourist, I wonder where you should go at 7am on a Sunday morning.

Just a 8 minutes walk. Streets were empty on a Sunday morning.

The hotel was situated at the end of Sukhumvit Road Soi 6, the road that runs perpendicular southwest to the BTS line. Definitely, it wasn’t an impressive walk in. The road was, very typical of most Bangkok roads, uneven, broken, dirty, and, you may have even guessed, in the middle of it strewn with 7 big globs of dog poo. When I was walking towards the hotel, I saw the poo looking fresh, pristine in its shiny brown glory. And when I left the hotel about an hour later, as I walked down that same road, the poo was still there. Apparently nobody bothered to clean it up. And there was some evidence of someone stepping on one of the globs. Gosh, I can only imagine the horror.

Sukhumvit Road Soi 6. That’s the hotel right at the end of the road.

Outside shot of the Cafe de Nimes restaurant.

Outside shot of the Grand Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok.

Entrance to the hotel lobby.

The Cafe de Nimes restaurant was on the left hand side of the lobby. Upon entering, I went straight towards the lady at the reception. I told her I am not a guest of the hotel and whether I could still eat breakfast there. She said of course and she showed me in. This may sound stupid but I have the strange habit of triple confirming whether the food I am going to eat is halal. I do this even in Muslim countries. I can’t be too careful, can I?

This was my table that morning.



Sliced bread I presume?

My staple food back home.

Cereals and milk.

Main course station.

Turkey ham and other fried food stuff.

Some of the main courses on offer.

Pork Sausage.

Eggs and Beans.

Noodles station.

Rice and various condiments.

Japanese food station.

As you can see, it was a typical hotel breakfast. Mostly continental, not much Thai food on offer. I had three small servings.

For the first serving, I had one french toast, one soggy turkey ham, soggy mac and cheese and soggy potato and cheese. The food did not taste that great to be honest. The French toast was unexpectedly stringy. The cheese sauce was rather milky and bland. Oh well, didn’t matter. I was hungry.

This was my first ’round’ of eating.

I had plain white rice, curry chicken and fried noodles next. Honestly, I was quite impressed with the taste. Probably because the curry and noodle tasted very Thai-ish. The curry, even though the texture is typical of a thick creamy Indian Curry, had this Tom Yam sorta flavor. No idea how it’s even possible to infuse the Tom Yam flavor into an Indian Curry but I must admit the dish was unique and exquisite.

The food on the second plate was much better.

I had pastries for the third serving. The range of pastries were typical of continental breakfast buffets. They had about 5 types altogether and all of them tasted expectedly nice. I mean how else can I describe pastries that tasted exactly like ones that can found at any reputable bakeries around the world.

I tasted all 5 pastries on offer.

The price of the buffet was not too expensive.

I have to say one thing that struck me while having breakfast at Grand Sukhumvit Hotel.

Don’t assume that ALL the food there is halal. If a particular food is halal, there will be a “halal” label. If it is not, there will be a “pork” label. I almost took out a sausage from a serving tray, which initially I had assumed is halal, even after seeing the label “Pork Sausage”. I was shocked and (ok, this is embarrassing I know) I asked one of the chef, “This is not halal right?” lolz? He said no and he said if the food is halal, it would have the “halal” label. So beware.

In conclusion, if you ask me to compare this buffet to Al Meroz Hotel’s Diwan Restaurant’s breakfast buffet, they are about the same. They offer typical hotel buffet breakfasts, the kind that you can find at any other hotels around the world…except that the food on offer are halal. Personally, I would want Thai food to be a major part of their buffet but hey, I think many would still prefer continental breakfasts in the morning don’t they?


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