Bangkok / 2nd - 5th September 2016

Dinner @ Bawarchi Indian Restaurant (Bangkok, Thailand)

Sep 3, 2016 | Bangkok, Eat, Halal Food in Bangkok, Halal Food in Thailand, Thailand

Quick summary:

After walking for a long time hunting for food around Nana BTS station, I settled on Bawarchi Restaurant. I have never heard of this restaurant before but I was brave enough to give their foods a try. Even though their service was mostly spotless, I found that the food less than palatable. 

I took quite a long time to search for halal food around my hotel, Four Points by Sheraton Bangkok. I began by going to Pier 21’s food court but unfortunately, I couldn’t find the halal food stall which I heard about on Tripadvisor.

While battling the hunger pangs, I remembered when I was here 2012, there were a lot of Indian Restaurants near Nana BTS station. And I was right. As I walked around the area, I saw a lot of Indian restaurants which were mostly empty. I took quite a while to decide which one I should dine in because I didn’t want to dine in an empty Indian restaurant. Empty = Something must be wrong ain’t it?

I was looking primarily for two things, (i) the restaurant must be, at least, half occupied and (ii) there is someone outside for me to ask whether the restaurant is halal or not. Incidentally, after walking about for about 15 minutes, going past many empty Indian restaurants, I stumbled across one person standing outside a North Indian restaurant giving out flyers. I asked him if the restaurant was halal. He said yes, with a scowl on his face. And I asked him again whether he is sure. He said he is sure but I hesitantly went in.

I am not sure which Bawarchi restaurant I went to as there are about four of them in Bangkok. But I am confident this is the one.

At the time I was there, the restaurant was about half-full, which was encouraging. I sat down and quickly, without much thought, ordered butter chicken and naan. Why? Probably I wanted to compare their food with the ones I had in Singapore. To be honest, the food I ordered at Bawarchi, tasted mildly horrible. I was too overwhelmed by the reckless abundance of spices they used in the food. The butter chicken didn’t taste familiar at all compared what I was used to having in Singapore. 

Their tagline is “Best Indian Restaurant in Bangkok.” Well, no offense, but I beg to differ. Total bill? Just over 1000 baht. That’s almost $40 for a one-person meal that doesn’t taste all that great. Sigh.

Started with Papadom. I must admit the table was set beautifully.

Then the naan and butter chicken came.

I also ordered takeout chicken briyani. No wonder everything costs about 1000 baht.

Sadly, I didn’t finish all of it.

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