Bangkok / 2nd - 5th September 2016

Four Points by Sheraton Bangkok (Bangkok, Thailand)

Sep 3, 2016 | Bangkok, Hotels, Starwood Hotels, Stay, Thailand

Quick summary:

Four Points by Sheraton Bangkok is located near Nana BTS Station where a lot of Indian restaurants are located. It is also located near a shopping Pier 21. I tried searching for a halal food stall at the Pier 21 foodcourt but I couldn’t find any.

The Four Points by Sheraton Bangkok hotel is situated at Sukhumvit Road Soi 15. It not located on the main road, so I had to walk quite a bit more to reach the hotel. It was rather difficult to find the hotel at first because the HOOTERS building kept distracting me from the fact that the hotel was just beside it. Not sure if the hotel management can do something about it. 

Hmm..where is Four Points by Sheraton Bangkok?

The lobby was gorgeous and hip. I was greeted by a Japanese (not Thai?) receptionist, a trainee manager.

The experience interacting with her was a bit awkward, but never did I once thought she was insincere. It was just that she spoke to me as though she was quoting each and every word she said from memory. I guess that’s Japanese people for you. They are great protocol followers but hardly spontaneous. They always do what they are supposed to do with a genuine smile. And…I think that’s great!

The room was ready at the moment of my arrival, at 12am. It was amazing since I only booked the hotel at 10pm the night before. The check in process was swift and I was in my room in 5 minutes. Then I realised, of course they have a Japanese receptionist here. Because there were a lot of Japanese and Koreans hanging around Soi 15. But I have no clue why that was the case.

This is the Business Center. Quite hip I must say.

This is my room. Very Four Points-y.

This room is a bit brighter than the other Four Points I have been too. Less miserable.

TV set.

I can see the toilet from the here!

Since I was the only person in the room, I left the door unlocked and opened so I could see the TV while having a bath.

The usual Four Points bathroom amenities.

The ratio of the bathroom space and the non-bathroom space is quite large I must say.

So how about the availability of halal food near the hotel? I did some quick research on Tripadvisor and there was a mention of a halal food stall at the Pier 21 food court which is not far from Four Points by Sheraton Bangkok. I made my way there in the afternoon, went up to the food court and walked around but I couldn’t find any halal food stall. I tried asking one of the security guards and he brought me to a stall that didn’t look as though it sold halal food. Perhaps the guard misunderstood what I wanted? I don’t know. So I just left the place after another 10 minutes of futile searching.

Pier 21 wasn’t that far from Four Points by Sheraton Bangkok.

I did some googling after I got back from Bangkok and I found a blog post that lists a halal food stall that is in operation in the Pier 21 food court. 

Can’t remember where the security guard brought me to. But for the life of me, I couldn’t find any halal stall that day. Don’t think I saw a “Bismillah” food stall either.

So I left Pier 21 hungry wondering where I could find halal food. But I remembered that when I was here 2012, there were a lot of Indian Restaurants near Nana station. And I was right. A lot of empty Indian Restaurants. After walking about for a significant amount of time, I eventually chose to eat at the Barwarchi Indian Restaurant. You can read about my experience dining in this restaurant here.

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