Bangkok / 2nd - 5th September 2016

Dinner @ Bunga Raya Restaurant, Regent Ramkhamhaeng 22 Hotel (Bangkok, Thailand)

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Quick summary:

There was nothing much to do in the area surrounding Al Meroz hotel. So I went to the hotel and restaurant I visited in 2012 which was about one kilometer away from Al Meroz Hotel. The visit only brought back great memories of the place. 

There was absolutely nothing much to do at night around Al Meroz Hotel except to walk to the nearest mall which is about 1 kilometer away. The conceirge told me that the ‘The Mall Ramkhamhaeng” is the nearest ‘bustling area’ from Al Meroz Hotel. I was a bit suprised because I was at the Ramkhamhaeng area in 2012 and there were no malls then and the area he was refering to was not ‘bustling’ with activity at all. 

In 2012, I stayed at the Regent Ramkhamhaeng 22 Hotel and it is a Muslim-owned hotel. So, just to be clear, Al Meroz Hotel is not the first “Muslim Hotel” in Bangkok. Years ago, there was already, albeit lesser known, the Regent Ramkhamhaeng 22 Hotel. And I remembered there was a halal restaurant in the hotel premises.

Unfortunately, it was not easy walking to the mall. The pavements were not in good condition and the roads were poorly lit. It took me a lot longer than 13 minutes to walk the one kilometer.

When I reached the area, indeed it was bustling. Well, sort of. Mostly it’s the dying kind of bustling. It was almost 9pm and most of the brick and mortar stores were getting ready to close. The street stalls were beginning to stutter into breathlessness. The only thing that revs them back to life is a customer’s order, and another customer’s order, and a prospect of another one. I knew it won’t take long that the liveliness of these stalls will be exhausted completely, eventually losing its power to perform and function, its workers totally diminished by the lure of a well deserved nightly rest. I had to get to the Regent Ramkhamhaeng 22 hotel as soon as possible before the restaurant closes.

It wasn’t too difficult to find this hotel using Google Maps.

Looks like they have renovated the whole place. 

I did not remember the lobby looked this great. 

Even though there were a lot of Muslim stalls selling halal street food along Ramkhamhaeng Road, I had decided I wanted to eat at the restaurant at Regent Ramkhamhaeng 22 Hotel. I had a pleasant experience eating there in 2012 and I desperately wanted another one that night.

I did not remember the restaurant looked this great. 

Ordered a fizzy orange drink.

And Nasi Ayam Goreng. Again?!

Hey! They sell goat milk too.

There is a prayer room behind the restaurant.

And this is a horrible photo of the prayer room.

And this is the ablution area. 

I just loved eating at the restaurant. I felt at home even though I was eating alone. The servers were polite and hospitable. The food was delicious. It was also nice to watch a Thai Muslim family with four adorable kids eating together in the same restaurant. I got reminded of my sons and how I was alone without them. That reminder was heartwarmingly heartbreaking. 🙁


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