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SilverKris Business Class Lounge @ Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 (SIN)

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Quick summary:

This review similar to the one I wrote here. I visited the same lounge twice. This review is about my visit to this lounge before my SQ970 flight. The other review was about my visit to this lounge before my MI702 flight.

In the interest of expediency, I used the exact same photos and captions for both posts. But this review is more reflective compared to the other one and therefore makes a lengthier and hopefully more enjoyable read. If you simply wish to get information about this lounge, I recommend you read this post instead. 

When I entered Changi Airport Terminal 2 at 0410 hours, it seemed that the whole place was in a deep stupor which was odd because I thought Changi Airport, the 6th busiest airport in the world, could sustain the hustle and bustle of a major airport all 24 hours long. But it seemed the only person moving inside the terminal, totally alive and kicking, was me. The many living persons around me were all slouching on their seats, nodding their heads off their necks, effectively immovable by their slumber.

Not too bothered by the lifelessness, I walked towards the Business Class check-in counters at Row 1. The counters were empty. To be honest, I was rather surprised. At that time, I didn’t know that the check-in counters would only open at 0430 hours. It was 0420 hours then, and if I had waited a bit longer, I would be able to check-in at the Business Class check-in counters.

Business Class check-in counters at Row 1.

But I was feeling impatient. I wanted to check-in immediately. So, I walked further down Row 1 and luckily, I saw a guy dressed up neatly in a suit and tie, at ‘KrisFlyer Elite Gold’ check-in counter, drooping in his seat, half dazed.

Without any hesitation, I woke him up and said “Hey there. I want to check-in.” In his somnolence, he said “Yes, of course. No problem.” He didn’t even ask if I have a Star Alliance Gold status or a Krisflyer Elite Gold status. He just checked me in sleepily, but professionally. A couple of minutes later, he passed me my boarding pass and in his delightful hypnopompic look, eyebrows raised high in glee over his sleepy saggy eyes, said: “Sir, you can now go to the Silverkris lounge to relax before your flight.”

The SilverKris lounge is at the airside part of the airport on the second level with the other lounges.

It was my first time in the SilverKris lounge, and of course, I was excited. But I opted not to appear overtly enthusiastic though. Past immigration, I went up to the second level, where the lounges are, consciously maintaining a constant cocksure look, appearing as though it was not my first time walking to the Silverkris lounge.

I mistook the Krisflyer Gold Lounge (on the left) for the SilverKris Lounge (up ahead).

As I reached the entrance, I made sure I didn’t appear excited. I walked in, waved my Business Class boarding pass at the lady at the counter and she nodded me in. Honestly, I didn’t think she scrutinized my boarding pass at all. Probably, she must have thought I was not a fraud since I wasn’t in my bermudas. She must have thought I must be a regular guest of the SilverKris lounge and she didn’t want to inconvenience me with any unnecessary probing questions. It was possible that if I had shown her any old random Business Class boarding pass, I would still get in with no issues.

Entrance of the SilverKris lounge. 

So I went in, still maintaining my disinterested demeanor until I found a seat at the far edge of the lounge, far away from almost everybody else. The seat was private enough for me to finally heave out a ‘wow’. Indeed, I was in awe of the place and the fact that I was in there. I managed to sneak out a smile off my unimpressed face.

This is an overview of the lounge. Personally, I feel the ambience is a bit too dingy and the interior too extraordinarily brown for my taste.

These phone booths are probably the coolest things in the lounge. But nobody bothered to use them.

Workstations right after I entered the lounge.

But after 15 minutes of lounging in the SilverKris Lounge, my sense of awe about this place dwindled to the point that I decided that it was not that great after all. Upon further scrutiny of the place, I grew jaded of the excessively dingy ambience, extraordinarily brown interior, the strangely patterned marble tops, the uninspiring 90s cherry wooden dining furniture, and a couple of other things I couldn’t figure out. Frankly, it was also too dimly lit for me to scrutinize anything fairly. Yes, I was probably hungry too.

The dining area with strangely patterned marble tops and old fashioned cherry wooden dining furniture.

But I couldn’t eat anything in there. The food available was not halal, which was a bummer because I was hungry. I decided to have only two shots of espresso and a bottle of water to suppress my anger.

So, basically with no food and just sitting alone in this dingy place, the sense of awe I felt earlier had slowly diminished to the point that I felt I was held captive in this place. And the only reason I allowed myself to stay captive was that I felt I had an exclusive right to be in this place. So why waste the opportunity right? There are hundreds of other passengers in Changi Airport who were not allowed access into this lounge. So, I should be thankful.

Never mind the fact that my stomach was constantly growling at me to leave and eat some Burger King. Never mind the fact that I had to tolerate a few bunches of Americans speaking in their business-speak bluster only 5 meters away from me. Never mind the fact that I had to endure the sight of a couple of Japanese businessmen sleeping in a completely undignified manner in front of me. Never mind all that. I felt for the longest time that I shouldn’t waste my right to be in the SilverKris lounge. Which is kind of stupid. Very stupid.

One of two buffet stations. I asked the server if the food is halal, and she said no.

The other buffet station.

Bread Station

These are the cold beverages available. Everything’s fine except the Calsberg.

Fruits station.

This is the light snacks section. There are TWG teas, cereals, milk, pastries and sandwiches (made with cucumber, tomato, roast chicken and egg mayonnaise).

Time to check out the toilets. I heard it is marble-ish-ly luxurious.

The basin outside the private shower room.

There was a set of Miller Harris’ ‘stuff.’ The hand lotion itself costs S$35 and surprisingly it didn’t go missing. 

Indeed, it was very marble-ish. This is a private shower area. I should have tried showering for the third time that morning. 

This is the basin beside in the private showering room. Well stocked I must say.

Why am I taking photos of urinals? Because it looks nice in this instance.

Bye bye SilverKris Lounge!

But eventually, after half an hour, I did leave. I realized hey, this is Changi Airport, the best airport in the world! I could be anywhere in Changi Airport and still, I would be as satisfied and as happy as I was back in the SilverKris lounge.

I walked out, went towards Coffee Bean, bought a light breakfast, sat at their tables, utterly exhausted from all the pretensions. Gladly, I realized that I am back to my old self, a simple man who still prefers to indulge in the simple pleasures of life, which at that moment happened to be one big Bagel and a cup of Hot Tea.

To be honest, the SilverKris lounge was probably not much different from the other 7+ lounges at Changi Airport. I have been to a couple of them and honestly, as a Business Class passenger, if I was I was thrown inside either the Plaza Premium or Dnata Lounge instead of the SilverKris lounge, I wouldn’t go crazily indignant about it. Seriously, not much difference between them.

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